What's New!: Valentine's 2017 Collection

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

What's New!: Valentine's 2017 Collection

I've been planning forever to start a fully dedicated part of my blog to my drugstore obsession nail polish and I keep postponing for a bunch of non-existent reasons, like: a more adequate post, better pictures, different polish, this or that, etc so the best way would be just take the chance and jump, well I just jumped and wanted to start with Valentines Day collection, this collection was/is available at most grocery and drugstores, since the beginning of January.

SWAK 2017 labels

The full name of the collections is SWAK:Sinful with a kiss; there are 4 new polishes and a couple of re-promotes. The four new colors are: It's about Vale-Time (#2200), Break Dance Not Heart (#2201), Readie Or Not (#2202) Kissful Thinking (#2203), three of the polishes have a metallic finish and one glitter.


I know it's a little too late but hopefully the displays are still around for a couple of days and you guys will be able to purchase them.
Thank you so much for reading,

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